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Tristan on his Daddy's neck

Little Man

Tristan MiracleTristan Miracle

I carried you a while, as close as one could
I sang to you sweetly, as any mommy would

You came to be with me, to learn and to grow
How long this journey will be, none of us know

I wake each day, longing for your sweet face to see
Waiting to hear pitter patter feet, headed for me

You reach my door and announce, "mommy it's me"
The excitement I feel, makes me almost feel three

Our eyes meet, like a journeys been made
And we grasp each other, like a debts been paid

Up on the bed, and beneath the warm sheets
I can feel and hear, the strong heart beats

Your smell so sweet, that tells me you're mine
It touches my senses, like nothing I can define

We start our first moments, with giggles & hugs
It suddenly changes course, with stories of bugs

We sit for some time, as time stands still
We begin to make plans, of our day we'll fill

I pull out your clothes, little, soft and sweet
Carefully put them on, from head to your feet

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