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Tristan on his Daddy's neck

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Hope Renewed to All!

Tristan on his Daddy's neck

How about this website?! Have you ever seen anything like it? I know I haven't and the most exciting thing about it is that it was custom made for me! I must admit it's gonna be hard to live up to its gorgeous layout with the simple words I plan on scribbling on it. Ah well, I feel pretty special just having it mine and for that reason only I'm gonna have a blast sharing my life now and then. I have so many plans for this entire web site and I'm so excited to see how it all unfolds. At this point, it seems impossible to create all the avenues I have planned, yet this girl is gonna go for it! First I have to thank my own personal programmer/graphics designer. If nothing more comes out of this adventure, I want to share the expertise of Dutch. He listened to my crazy ideas and not only met my expectations, yet he blew me away! He has a way of doing that for me in so many ways and his humility is always evident with the phrase, "Well, that's a match."

What he fails to recognize is that he has opened up a world of dreams come true for me and even if it comes out chicken scratch I'm gonna enjoy every second of it. My plan with this opportunity is to both share my day to day crazy yet simple life, and share the journey that has brought me to this point. My only hope is that I can give the insanity some sanity by sharing my life and its crazy ways of defining its own purpose. Although I often think I'm in charge of it, it constantly shows me a whole different picture. So, I invite you to come along with me and the circle of characters that rally around me. That means: Get ready for the good, the bad and the fugly!  Signing off, and stay tuned, it's gonna be a crazy-yet-true ride.



   Donna Diane



Nice start

Well, I think this is a nice first post and can't wait to see a flood of posts over the coming days, weeks and decades.

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