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If you wanna run

Seems these days that my little guy is what keeps me sane. On the other hand he really gives me a run for it too. Winter keeps him bound to the house most days and finding interesting things for him to do has been quite the challenge. Things of interest isn't usually the worst of it. Rather, things agreed that are age appropiate and not death defying is the real challenge.  He's a rugged boy who loves terrain and adventure. 

His tender side is in quite contrast to his need for speed crusade. He sings a lot and his favorite song is, "If you wanna run", written by Tristan. With Jumps and spins he riffles through each room singing, "If you wanna run, if you wanna run, if you wanna run, then run!" Quite inventive for a little guy. Along with running and climbing on near disastorious objects he loves anything with water. He can make an adventure out of a cup of water and by the time he's finished you'd think he started with a bucket. We have a water cooler just his height. When he disappears we know to first check the cooler area. He will fill any possible object with water. When he is caught he'll claim that he's thirsty near dehydration and if that doesn't get him sympathy he resorts to how he's cleaning it and surely that's acceptable even by mom's standards.



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